millennial Maiding SYSTEMS 

The modern world requires modern solutions. 


This system is designed for those that want to accomplish more with their own effort,

and have an eye on their budget.   Pay yourself instead!

Gain the insider knowledge of a high-end professional.   We can help locate and solve the stumbling blocks in your processes. 

Team up with joint cleaning sessions for accountability, or make it less labor intensive for you. 

We can help make housework a less expensive, less time consuming and happier experience.

Couple Doing Yoga Pose
Weight Trainer
Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Personal Training

is common enough

if we want to get our

body fit & in shape...

but what about when

we need help

making the most of our efforts getting our




unreliable systems

ineffective products

improper aftercare



imprecise Timing

chemical confusion

Physical Limitations

millennial Maidin' is a DIY support system

We will help you build a better process.

Ask an Expert

Set a schedule that works for you

understand how your tools and products work.

 don't rush, or cut corners.

Frame your work

keep it fun, make it social

set a system, & a checklist

make the most of the moment, finish with purpose.

Use the right solution at the proper dilution 

allow a design that works for your abilities.

Stop fighting with what isn't working for you. 

You deserve better!

Take back your happy! 

  Get the answers you need and the plan that works for you!

Make housework a less expensive, less time consuming, and happier experience.